Our Service Level

At DNA LAB, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare services that embody intelligence, innovation, and precision. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technology and providing unparalleled customer service is paramount to us. We draw inspiration from our frontliners in the field and feel a responsibility to bring the latest novel tests available in the world to Malaysia and beyond.

Our personalized approach is a testament to our exceptional service. We strive to build synergistic relationships with each of our doctors and clients, listening to their feedback to continuously guide and improve our service values. Our commitment to quality is evident in our benchmarking against international standards, as well as our CAP accreditation.

We believe that healthcare is a partnership between our patients and their healthcare providers, and we are honored to play a vital role in delivering the best possible outcomes. At DNA LAB, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and unwavering customer support to our clients.

DNA LAB is excited to announce that effective 1st November 2023, we are locating to a new, upgraded location to better serve you.