About Us

DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd (DNA LAB) is a molecular screening and diagnostic lab focusing on Reproductive Health, Women’s Health and also Genetic Testing and Genomic Health. We are a company of LifeStrands Genomics, under the Pathology Asia Holdings’ genomics and life sciences division which operates out of Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Our Services

At DNA LAB, we offer reference functions in molecular diagnostic and screening services for most Obstetricians, Gynaecologist, Paediatrics, Clinical Oncologists, GP Clinics, medical centres and hospitals in Malaysia. We are committed to delivering dependable, accurate, and rapid identification of genetic abnormalities that contribute to the better management of genetically inherited diseases and cancer cases. Our specialised, well-equipped laboratory is staffed by a team of experts in molecular genetics, and we provide efficient in-house customer care.

Our Expertise

With over 15 years of experience and being the pioneer for NIPT in Malaysia since 2013, DNA LAB envisions becoming the leading One-Stop Center and the embodiment of excellence for molecular genetics and genomics testing services in the Southeast Asian region. We believe that our expertise in molecular genetics and genomics, combined with our commitment to delivering high-quality laboratory services, sets us apart from other diagnostic labs in the region.

Our Commitment to Quality

At DNA LAB, we understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable diagnostic services. As a result of our commitment to quality, we participate in external proficiency testing programs to continuously assess the quality of our laboratory service. This allows us to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable diagnostic results possible.

Our Timeline

DNA LAB is excited to announce that effective 1st November 2023, we are locating to a new, upgraded location to better serve you.