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DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd (DNA LAB) is a molecular screening and diagnostic lab focusing on Prenatal Health, Women's Health and Genetic Testing. DNA LAB is an accredited laboratory for MS ISO 15189:2014 in Medical Testing. We are committed in providing a high-quality laboratory service to the doctors and their patients. As a result of this commitment, we have also participated in external proficiency testing programs to continuously assess the quality of our laboratory service.

DNA LAB provides reference functions in molecular diagnostic and screening services for most Obstetricians, Gynaecologist, Paediatrics, GP Clinics, medical centres and hospitals in Malaysia. Proud to be the leading molecular diagnostic laboratory in Malaysia, we aim to provide a dependable, accurate and rapid identification of genetic abnormalities that contributes to the better management of genetically inherited diseases and cancer cases.

Our specialized, well-equipped laboratory is staffed by a team of experts in molecular genetics and efficient in-house customer care. With our expansive laboratory network and cutting-edge technology, DNA LAB envisions in becoming the leading One Stop Centre and the embodiment of excellence for molecular genetics and genomics testing services in the Southeast Asian region.

Provision of molecular diagnostic and screening services for betterment of patient management

One Stop Centre of Excellence for Molecular Screening & Diagnostic in Southeast Asia

Early detection of genetics variant with genomic testing

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