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Love Your Self, Love Your Health

Health screenings can help you and your health care professional identify health problems early, when treatment may be most successful. Be proactive about your health. Even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of disease it is important to get yourself screened. Some diseases can be found early, before they have had a chance to grow and spread. Screening increases the chances of detecting certain diseases early, when they are most likely to be curable.
Cancer risk factors:
- Obesity and physical inactivity
- Smoking
- Alcohol consumption
- Family history
- Unhealthy diet
- Exposure to radiation
- Chronic infections
- Reproductive and menstrual factors

Women health screenings available:
•  Cervical Cancer Screening
•  Ovarian Cancer Screening
•  Breast Cancer Screening
•  FemCheck

Learn the facts, take action. Regular screening ensures healthy living.

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